• Solutions and Services

  • At Transtek, we firmly believe that all IT solutions and services should work for you seamlessly and without making you work for them.  Today’s organizations need a complex mix of technology and solutions working together and it is imperative for IT departments and solution providers  to  ensure that all the disparate parts of your systems and services work together for the betterment of the organization.

    We offer IT Solutions & Services  in the areas of Cloud Based Computing & Applications, Security, Storage, Business Analytics,  CRM solutions for different industries etc.  We follow a simple motto – An organizations investments in IT should yield tangible productivity gains for all who use them.

  • Cloud Architechture

    Businesses are fast moving to the cloud because of the many advantages that it brings – on demand access, flexibility and resource pooling. But is it really the thing for you ??  Allow us to evaluate your needs and to build solutions that suit your needs.

    Security and Storage

    Organizations today amass a vast amount of sensitive data, be it about their customers, their employees, their finances,  their R&D – the list is virtually endless. Not only do they need to store this data but they also need to ensure the right security for this data.  We bring in our expertise to build a storage and security solution that is just right for you.

    Business Analytics & CRM

    The  fundamentals behind a successful organization have always revolved around understanding your customer better . Our custom built CRM solutions help you to understand and interact with your customer better and we proceed a step behind with Business analytics solutions that help you to grow faster.